Paddle board kayak seat

Paddle board kayak seat

Why you might want to use a kayak seat attachment when paddle boarding:

Paddleboarding is a great way to get out and enjoy the water, but sometimes you might want to sit down and enjoy the ride. Instead of purchasing a kayak why not use a paddle board kayak seat attachment to get the best of both worlds?

SUP kayak seats give you the option to sit down and take a break while paddling. If you’re a SUP beginner they also offer a great way to build confidence on the water before you transition to standing.

How to attach a kayak seat to a paddle board:

Firstly you’ll need to check you have a paddle board that is compatible with kayak seats, an easy way of telling is to check your board for 4 D rings, they are usually positioned around the SUPs deck pad.

You’ll then need to get yourself a paddle board Kayak seat attachment, these are fully adjustable and are one size fits all. This allows paddles of all shapes and sizes to sit down when paddling. 

Once you have the seat, attach the straps or clips, setting the paddleboard up on land will allow you to get the perfect seating position. Make sure the seat is secure and won't move around while you're paddling.

Using a kayak seat when paddle boarding:

Once you have the seat attached to your paddle board, you can sit on it while paddling.

You should adjust the angle of the seat to find the most comfortable position.

Remember to keep your balance while sitting on the seat, and try to maintain good posture.

 Benefits of using a kayak seat when paddle boarding:

  • As mentioned earlier, a kayak seat can make paddling more comfortable, especially on longer trips.
  • A seat can also help a beginner distribute their weight more evenly on the board, making it more stable and easier to paddle.
  • Using a seat can also allow you to take breaks and rest while paddling, without having to stand up or lie down on the board.

Where can I get a SUP kayak seat:

Below is The Paddle Co. approved SUP Kayak seat, this seat is fully adjustable allowing you to enjoy kayak seated paddling on your board.

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Paddle Board Kayak Seat (SUP)
Paddle Board Kayak Seat (SUP)

Paddle Board Kayak Seat (SUP)

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