We offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty as standard on all of our inflatable boards. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, wear and tear from use, incorrect storage, incorrect transport. This warranty covers the manufacturing process only covering any abnormal defects or manufacturing errors.

All boards are thoroughly checked during the manufacturing process and also prior to being shipped to the customer.

This warranty will only cover new boards that have been purchased from us directly. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of the warranty claim. This warranty does not cover for any damage that may be a result of usage wear, or any misuse of the product, such as accidents, heat, excessive exposure to the elements, direct sunlight or frost, poor handling or inadequate storage, incorrect board set up, commercial use, rental, teaching or any other obvious neglect and irresponsible use. Slight cosmetic defects that do not affect the boards use or performance are not applicable due to all of our boards being hand finished.

The 1 year Warranty starts on the day the retail customer purchases the board, this will be identified in a valid receipt.

This receipt is non transferable. If for some slight reason the board is found to be defective you must contact The Paddle Co. directly, via an email detailing the claim. Included in this short report and also photos detailing the issue. This information will be inspected by The Paddle Co. to determine if the product is defective or has occurred by other means. Once this has been reviewed the customer will be contacted with the results. If this is deemed a manufacturing fault or material flaw then the product will have to be returned to the The Paddle Co. Upon a physical inspection and review, The Paddle Co. will only then make the final decision as to the nature of the problem and if deemed necessary, issue a replacement product (subject to availability of model in question).

Please inspect all freight upon delivery or a soon as practicable. Please thoroughly check over the board, fins and contents before use. If a fault is located then this must be raised with The Paddle Co. directly via an email or phone call as soon as possible.

Other Products Warranty:

Waterproof Duffle Bag - 1 month 

Electric Paddle Board Pump - 1 year

Paddle - 1 month

Beanie - 1 year 

Wetsuits - 1 month

Paddleboard Bag - 1 month

Fins - 1 month

Fin Screw - 1 month

High Pressure Hand Pump - 1 month

T-Shirt - 1 month

Kayak Seat - 1 month

Buoyancy Aid - 1 year

Ankle Leash - 1 month