Do I need paddleboard lessons?
Whether or not you need paddle board lessons will depend on your goals and your level of experience, as with all new activities educating yourself about the key techniques will help you enjoy your time on the water more quickly and safely.
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Paddleboarding with dog

So you’ve mastered solo paddle boarding and now want to take your trips to the next level by sharing your adventures with your furry friend. As long as you take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both you and your dog it can be a fantastic way to enjoy the water. Here are some points you should consider before heading out on your SUP  (Stand Up Paddleboard)

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Paddleboarding on a Canal

With over 4,500 miles of canals in the UK and 8.5 million people living within 1km of a canal, they offer one of the most accessible ways to get out on your paddle board and see the UK waterways.

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