If ordered before 16:00 Monday to Friday you'll receive it next day!

If ordered on a Saturday or Sunday you'll receive it on the Tuesday by midday.

If you are buying more than one board you are able to claim a 5% discount using code MULTIPLEBOARDS at checkout.

Yes, please use our live chat feature to verify eligibility and we will then provide the 5% discount.

Caring for your SUP

All our SUPs are shipped with a backpack allowing you to store the board and accessories. You can easily walk around with the backpack.

Taking care of your SUP is easy, follow the steps below.

- Store indoors, in the shade, or in its bag when not in use. Don’t expose your board to sunlight for too long.

- After paddling in the ocean, rinse your board and all accessories with fresh water.

Proper SUP storage is important for increasing your board’s longevity. Follow these tips:

- Make sure your board is fully dry before deflating, folding, and storing away.

- Always remove your centre fin. If you deflate your board and try rolling it up with fins still in, this could cause permanent damage.

Absolutely,  If you choose to leave the board in direct sunlight for an extended period of time it is recommended that you deflate the board to prevent over-expansion.

Soapy water should do the trick!

Using your SUP

15 PSI is the recommended pressure for both our boards.

Warranty and repairs

Yes all our boards come with a 1 year warranty. Damage due to misuse or negligence is not covered. Warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

Generally, the pressure gauge will start to register a pressure reading after the board reaches 7 PSI’s which is about 100-120 pumps. Make sure the pressure gauge isn’t loose.

The wrench included in the repair kit should ONLY be used for leaking valves. Should you hear air escaping around the edge of the valve please ONLY use to tighten by turning clockwise. It should never be used to deflate your board. Improper use of this tool will void the board warranty.

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